Hot n’ Cold

Hot spices play with sweet berry flavours in this punch recipe. Punch instructions Place plenty of ice on the bottom of your punch bowl. Add Bols Pink Grapefruit, berry jam, Tabasco, and pink grapefruit and lime juices. Finally add lemon … Continue reading


Summer is here and what would be more perfect for a warm afternoon party than a fresh berry-flavoured punch. Instructions Mix Bols Raspberry together with blueberry and lime juices. Add raspberry flavored sparkling water. Decorate with berries and rose petals.

Red May

Ideal for celebrating 1st of May, this bright red punch can be prepared and bottled beforehand for an enjoyable picnic with friends.

Berry Bella

A fun evening with music and dance is made complete with this beautiful marriage of citrus liqueur and blueberry juice.

Love Coach

Roses and seductive aromas suit well for Valentine’s Day. Parfait Amour sets the mood for romantic incentives while rose pedal decoration declares the triumph of everlasting love.

Where’s the Party?

The flavours of the punch are only one side of the story. Use your imagination and indulge your guests with unforgettable punch decorations!

Adult Harvest

Wines, sparkling wines, and ciders suit perfecty in punches. They add class and taste to punches. Adult Harvest is a tribute to wines, harvest season and defined tastes.

Jazz it

Strawberry and blueberry flavours together with fresh grapefruit tastes create a swinging punch. Combine the experience with some jazz!

Apple Fiesta

Strawberry Field

The tempting strawberry flavours of the punch might sweep you off your feet. Be careful!

Strawberry Dream

This amazingly delicious strawberry punch is hard to resist!

Fresh & Fruity

A lovely fresh fruity punch.

Pacific Passion

A fresh, fruity breeze from the South Sea.

Red September

Cranberry Passion

Sweet, sour, red and full of berry flavours.

Sweet Cranberry

Sweet cranberries meet seductive red orange flavours.

Strawberry Wedding

A lovely strawberry punch for warm summer days.

Strawberry Heaven

Purple Cranberry

A delicious, red cranberry punch.