Affocado Tini

A match made in heaven! Silky avocado combined with coconut, espresso and cocoa. #Delicioso A delicious home-made avocado-coconut ice cream: Blend 2-3 dl avocado cubes together with coconut milk. Freeze overnight.

Spice Up That Ginger

Beautiful and sophisticated inside and out. Sweet raspberries, juicy beetroot and a touch of gingery spiciness.  Serve this cocktail with a large ice cube in the middle of the glass. Garnish it with a dehydrated beetroot some sliced ginger.

Chia LaBeouf

If you are a fan of superfoods, color blue and that-guy-who-used-to-be-one-dimensional-in-transformers-but-now-became-a-good-actor, then this drink is for you. An inspiring combination of almond flavored chia seeds, blue orange liqueur, and pomegranate seeds. Definitely Oscar-worthy. Serve this cocktail layering the ingredients in … Continue reading

Saving Private Banana

Enjoy your oatmeal with a dangerous mix of banana, coconut, rum and pineapple flavors. Aaaaatention! Garnish with fresh pineapple, dehydrated banana crisps and lime slices

Dancing Snow Flakes

Capture the winter spirit in a punch bowl. Snow-white punch is created with yoghurt liqueur. Wintertime can be fun!