A soft and spicy punch based on an exotic combination of vanilla and rooibos is the perfect centerpiece of a trendy summer party.


February is carnival season. Especially, the iconic Rio Carnival is celebrated in February. This passion fruit flavoured tropical punch brings the samba rhythms of Rio to your party. Preparation: Stir all ingredients with ice.

Gingerly yours honey

This warm punch is the perfect weapon against a cool autumn breeze. Preparation Prepare hot tea, add honey and liqueurs, stir well. Add a couple slices of lime and decorate with thin slices of ginger or orange peel.

Punch Melon

A cool punch ideal for toasting at any birthday, anniversary or other memorable evening.

Hot Christmas Orange

Beach Life

Ms. April @Kanariffa

Ms. April is all about passion. The bubbling and elegant Ms. April is always the center of attention in parties.

Spring Break

Let’s go bananas with this punch!

Something Blue

Tigers Eye

The 1'st of May

A punch full of surprises. Guarana and lime give a welcome twist to this fruit punch.

Buzzy Bee

Fresh banana punch.

Harvest Moon

A perfect choice for the harvest season festivities.

Bellini Punch

Piper Punch

Fruity Green

Red September

Cranberry Passion

Sweet, sour, red and full of berry flavours.

Bubbly Green

Fresh & Fruity

A lovely fresh fruity punch.

Orange Freak

Sweet, fruity & citrus.

Banana Pisang

A banana tasting highlight of a summer day.

Pacific Passion

A fresh, fruity breeze from the South Sea.

Pineapple Passion

Tropical flavours – passion fruit, pineapple, and grapefruit – brought together as a delicious, fruity punch

Pink Pearls

Passion fruit and grapefruit flavoured exotic fruit punch.

Green Midnight

The mother of all punches.

Sweet Cranberry

Sweet cranberries meet seductive red orange flavours.

Clockwork Orange

Like a breath of fresh air.

Yellow Angel

An exotic, fruity punch.

Strawberry Wedding

A lovely strawberry punch for warm summer days.

School´s Out

A light and bubbly champagne punch – perfect for festivities.


A light fruit punch for times of celebration.

Yammy Apple


Oriental Express

A fresh and sweet banana punch.

Down Under

Exotic Fruity

An exotic fruit punch.

Guarana Bali

A red beauty with sweet and fruity flavours.

Green bee

A fruit punch for wine lovers.

African Orange

Fruity orange punch.

Bubble Spark

Ginger Sourz

Apple Sourz

Banana Punch

Banana Lime

Deep Blue

Pink Passion

Pink Panther in da punch!

Royal Fizz

Light and refreshing champagne bubbles make the perfect summer punch.

Orange Sun

Cola Punch

Seduction of the darkness

Tropical Breeze