Granny Smith’s Lemonade

A lemonade-styled punch recipe with apple and ginger flavors. Instructions Place plenty of ice on the bottom of your punch bowl. Add Sourz Apple, ginger syrup and apple and lime juices. Stir carefully and finalize with lemon flavored soda. Decorate … Continue reading

Glam Cocktail

This glamorous punch cocktail is pure bliss for warm summer parties. The sparkling wine mixed with the ginger and lime flavours bring out the best in any summer day. Instructions Mix Bols Ginger together with apple and lime juices. Finish … Continue reading

Blue Waves

This blue curacao punch is a great conversation starter at any party. A blue drink is a great choice for a warm outdoor summer event. Instructions: Mix Bols Blue Curacao and Bols Ginger with apple and lime juices. Add ginger … Continue reading

Chit Chat

A great refreshing lemonade style punch with a fig twist that makes this one perfect drink for the Christmas season. Instructions Mix Bols Ginger together with lime juice. Add some fig jam and stir carefully. Finish up by adding ginger … Continue reading

Apple Kick

Stir Bols Ginger, juices, and sugar syrup with ice. Add dry apple cider as the last ingredient in order to preserve the bubbles.


A soft and spicy punch based on an exotic combination of vanilla and rooibos is the perfect centerpiece of a trendy summer party.

Gingerly yours honey

This warm punch is the perfect weapon against a cool autumn breeze. Preparation Prepare hot tea, add honey and liqueurs, stir well. Add a couple slices of lime and decorate with thin slices of ginger or orange peel.

Banana Punch