Pride Night

This rainbow colored punch is the perfect choice for celebrating Pride Week. Punch instructions Create ice cubes in rainbow colors by adding fresh berries, herbs, and fruit peels to your ice cube tray before freezing. Place your colorful ice cubes … Continue reading

Say it with Flowers

Trendy elderflower goes well with punches. This sweet and fresh tasting punch is a spot-on choice for spring and summer festivities. Instructions Place plenty of ice on the bottom of your punch bowl. Add Bols Butterscotch and lemon, apple, and … Continue reading

Summer Nights

A sweet and peachy punch for late summer and early autumn parties. Instructions Mix Bols Peach and Bols Triple Sec together with cranberry and lime juices. Add Sprite as the last ingredient in order to preserve the bubbles.

Let’s Go Bananas

A sweet and fruity punch perfect for tropical parties and warm summer evenings. Instructions Mix Pisang Ambon together with mango, peach, and lemon juices. Stir carefully. Save the orange lemonade for last to preserve the bubbles.

Raspberry Dreams

Stir all ingredients with ice. Easy, yet delicious!

Ice, Ice T

Stir all ingredients with ice. Homemade ice tea is easily made from e.g. cooled lemon tea.

Holiday Punch

Stir all ingredients with ice. Decorate with pomegranate seeds and strawberries.

From Tropic with Love

Stir Bols Passion Fruit, juices, and sugar syrup with ice. Add Schweppes Russchian as the last ingredient in order to preserve the bubbles. Spice up the punch with some fresh mint leaves. A gentle slap on the leaves frees the … Continue reading

Apple Kick

Stir Bols Ginger, juices, and sugar syrup with ice. Add dry apple cider as the last ingredient in order to preserve the bubbles.

Breeze of Mangos

Easy to prepare, this summer punch is based on the sweet-bitter flavour of Sourz Mango and the fruity freshness of lemon and orange. A cool classic for a hot summer day. Preparation Stir all ingredients with ice. Decorate with slices … Continue reading


A fine, bubbling punch with champagne, gin, orange and lemon, Sweetheart is ideal for a special valentine´s day. Preparation Mix all ingredients. Carefully add champagne as the last ingredient in order to preserve bubbles. Decorate with thin lemon slices. A … Continue reading

Peachy Surprise

Peachy Surprise is a non-alcoholic punch. This delicious combination of sweet peach and edgy ginger is a classy alternative for regular juices and soft drinks. Preparation Mix marmalade with peach juice and stir well. Add non-alcoholic ginger beer and lemon … Continue reading

Berry Bella

A fun evening with music and dance is made complete with this beautiful marriage of citrus liqueur and blueberry juice.

Punch Melon

A cool punch ideal for toasting at any birthday, anniversary or other memorable evening.

Flowers from us

A fresh punch perfect for e.g. graduation parties. Delicate elderflower aromas give a sophisticated touch to the punch.

Tropical Breeze