Orient Express

An Indian kitchen inspired punch with delicate Garam Masala, cinnamon, and vanilla flavors. This exotic punch is perfect for serious foodies. Punch instructions Place plenty of ice on the bottom of your punch bowl. Add Bols Butterscotch, peach and lime … Continue reading

Summer Nights

A sweet and peachy punch for late summer and early autumn parties. Instructions Mix Bols Peach and Bols Triple Sec together with cranberry and lime juices. Add Sprite as the last ingredient in order to preserve the bubbles.

Let’s Go Bananas

A sweet and fruity punch perfect for tropical parties and warm summer evenings. Instructions Mix Pisang Ambon together with mango, peach, and lemon juices. Stir carefully. Save the orange lemonade for last to preserve the bubbles.

Adult Harvest

Wines, sparkling wines, and ciders suit perfecty in punches. They add class and taste to punches. Adult Harvest is a tribute to wines, harvest season and defined tastes.

Bellini Punch