Glam Cocktail

This glamorous punch cocktail is pure bliss for warm summer parties. The sparkling wine mixed with the ginger and lime flavours bring out the best in any summer day. Instructions Mix Bols Ginger together with apple and lime juices. Finish … Continue reading


This glamorous Champagne cocktail punch goes as well with black tie parties as with relaxed garden get-togethers. Instructions Mix Bols Strawberry together with rhubarb and cranberry juices. Add some squashed lime. Finish up by adding Piper Heidsieck Brut delicately to … Continue reading

Golden Apple

A sweet punch recipe for the Christmas Season. Vanilla, cinnamon and apple give this drink the perfect flavours for a cold late autumn or early winter evening. Instructions Stir Sourz Apple, Pisang Ambon, and Galliano Vanilla well. Add pear and … Continue reading

Summer Nights

A sweet and peachy punch for late summer and early autumn parties. Instructions Mix Bols Peach and Bols Triple Sec together with cranberry and lime juices. Add Sprite as the last ingredient in order to preserve the bubbles.

Blue Waves

This blue curacao punch is a great conversation starter at any party. A blue drink is a great choice for a warm outdoor summer event. Instructions: Mix Bols Blue Curacao and Bols Ginger with apple and lime juices. Add ginger … Continue reading


Summer is here and what would be more perfect for a warm afternoon party than a fresh berry-flavoured punch. Instructions Mix Bols Raspberry together with blueberry and lime juices. Add raspberry flavored sparkling water. Decorate with berries and rose petals.

Let’s Go Bananas

A sweet and fruity punch perfect for tropical parties and warm summer evenings. Instructions Mix Pisang Ambon together with mango, peach, and lemon juices. Stir carefully. Save the orange lemonade for last to preserve the bubbles.


613 has been named so by the urbane legend that each pomegranate includes exactly 613 seeds. This is a fresh punch that goes hand in hand with summer parties in the back yard. Instructions Mix Bols Strawberry together with pomegranate … Continue reading

Chit Chat

A great refreshing lemonade style punch with a fig twist that makes this one perfect drink for the Christmas season. Instructions Mix Bols Ginger together with lime juice. Add some fig jam and stir carefully. Finish up by adding ginger … Continue reading

Raspberry Dreams

Stir all ingredients with ice. Easy, yet delicious!

Hawaiian Night

Stir all liquids with ice. Add gently drops of Angostura Bitters. Decorate the punch with pineapple leaves to create a Hawaiian style.

Apple Kick

Stir Bols Ginger, juices, and sugar syrup with ice. Add dry apple cider as the last ingredient in order to preserve the bubbles.

Basil of Baker Street

Stir Bols Pear, lime juice, and sugar syrup with ice. Add fresh basil leaves. Be careful not to crush the basil leaves. Finish up by adding ginger beer to the punch. Stir gently.


Preparation Stir all ingredients with ice. Decorate with slices of pineapple or other exotic fruits.

Mango Mia

Preparation Add a good amount of ice into a bowl. Pour Sourz mango to the bottom and add other ingredients on top. As a special effect, mint leaves and slices of mango, lime and orange can be mixed with ice … Continue reading


A mango flavoured fun theme punch that makes a great addition to any party. Preparation Add a good amount of ice into a bowl. Pour Sourz mango to the bottom and add other ingredients on top. Finally, decorate with salty … Continue reading

Red May

Ideal for celebrating 1st of May, this bright red punch can be prepared and bottled beforehand for an enjoyable picnic with friends.


February is carnival season. Especially, the iconic Rio Carnival is celebrated in February. This passion fruit flavoured tropical punch brings the samba rhythms of Rio to your party. Preparation: Stir all ingredients with ice.


Based on fine Italian vanilla liqueur, this hot punch warms up any winter party. Preparation: Take 4 glasses and pour 2 cl vanilla liqueur and 2 cl rum in each glass. Add 2 dl hot water and 2 teaspoons sugar … Continue reading

Gingerly yours honey

This warm punch is the perfect weapon against a cool autumn breeze. Preparation Prepare hot tea, add honey and liqueurs, stir well. Add a couple slices of lime and decorate with thin slices of ginger or orange peel.

Punch Melon

A cool punch ideal for toasting at any birthday, anniversary or other memorable evening.

Passion Breeze

Based on the Brazilian passion fruit, this punch is all about the wild heat of South America. Welcome summer!

Flowers from us

A fresh punch perfect for e.g. graduation parties. Delicate elderflower aromas give a sophisticated touch to the punch.


Love Coach

Roses and seductive aromas suit well for Valentine’s Day. Parfait Amour sets the mood for romantic incentives while rose pedal decoration declares the triumph of everlasting love.

Hot Christmas Orange

Adult Harvest

Wines, sparkling wines, and ciders suit perfecty in punches. They add class and taste to punches. Adult Harvest is a tribute to wines, harvest season and defined tastes.

Jazz it

Strawberry and blueberry flavours together with fresh grapefruit tastes create a swinging punch. Combine the experience with some jazz!

Beach Life

Apple Fiesta

Ville goes Asterix

Almost a magic potion!

Ms. April @Kanariffa

Ms. April is all about passion. The bubbling and elegant Ms. April is always the center of attention in parties.

Strawberry Dream

This amazingly delicious strawberry punch is hard to resist!

Tigers Eye

Spring Break

Let’s go bananas with this punch!

Something Blue

Strawberry Field

The tempting strawberry flavours of the punch might sweep you off your feet. Be careful!

Pacific Passion

A fresh, fruity breeze from the South Sea.

Pineapple Passion

Tropical flavours – passion fruit, pineapple, and grapefruit – brought together as a delicious, fruity punch

Pink Pearls

Passion fruit and grapefruit flavoured exotic fruit punch.

The 1'st of May

A punch full of surprises. Guarana and lime give a welcome twist to this fruit punch.

Buzzy Bee

Fresh banana punch.

Harvest Moon

A perfect choice for the harvest season festivities.

Bellini Punch

Piper Punch

Fruity Green

Red September

Rum Sourz

Cranberry Passion

Sweet, sour, red and full of berry flavours.

Fresh & Fruity

A lovely fresh fruity punch.

Bubbly Green

Orange Freak

Sweet, fruity & citrus.

Banana Pisang

A banana tasting highlight of a summer day.

Apple Passion

A yellow punch makes a perfect match for a pumpkin. Passion fruit and apple flavours pamper the taste buds.

Guarana Bali

A red beauty with sweet and fruity flavours.

Green bee

A fruit punch for wine lovers.

Green Midnight

The mother of all punches.

Sweet Cranberry

Sweet cranberries meet seductive red orange flavours.

Clockwork Orange

Like a breath of fresh air.

Yellow Angel

An exotic, fruity punch.

Strawberry Wedding

A lovely strawberry punch for warm summer days.

School´s Out

A light and bubbly champagne punch – perfect for festivities.


A light fruit punch for times of celebration.

Yammy Apple


Oriental Express

A fresh and sweet banana punch.

Exotic Fruity

An exotic fruit punch.

African Orange

Fruity orange punch.

Strawberry Heaven


Bubble Spark

Ginger Sourz

Apple Sourz

Banana Punch

Banana Lime

Deep Blue

Pink Passion

Pink Panther in da punch!

Royal Fizz

Light and refreshing champagne bubbles make the perfect summer punch.

Orange Sun

Cola Punch

Seduction of the darkness

Tropical Breeze

Purple Cranberry

A delicious, red cranberry punch.