Remember to always drink responsibly

Tips for a succesful night out:

  1. Drink water or soft drinks between alcoholic drinks to dilute the alcohol.
  2. Pace yourself. Slow down and take small sips not big gulps.
  3. Eat something before or during drinking. Food makes the body absorb alcohol more slowly.
  4. Change your drink. Make spirits into long drinks by topping up with more mixer, add soda water to white wine, or choose shandy rather than beer.
  5. Watch out for larger measures at home or at a party compared with standard pub measures.
  6. Know how to refuse a drink. You don’t have to take one just because it’s offered or take part in rounds you don’t want. And don’t pressurise others into drinking.
  7. Darker drinks like red wine, brandy and whisky give worse hangovers because of higher concentrations of chemicals called congeners.
  8. Avoid top-ups so you can keep track of how much you are drinking.
  9. Learn the strengths of your drinks so you can stick to your own limits, bearing in mind the safe limits are 2-3 units per day for women and 3-4 units per day for men (but not every day).
  10. Plan how you’re going to get home before your night out. Take a cab or ask a non-drinking driver to collect you.

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