Golden Apple

Golden Apple

Apple and cinnamon flavoured punch

A classic combination of apple and cinnamon, Golden Apple is the perfect punch for all christmas time get-togethers.


Stir all ingredients with ice. Decorate with slices of green apple and lemon. You can also prepare a more festive version of the punch by replacing mineral water with sparkling wine. kirjoittaa joka kuukausi, millaista on elämä boolien kanssa. Kurkistamme silloin tällöin boolimaailman takahuoneisiin ja toisinaan pohdimme juomasesonkeja. Asenteemme on, että tämä päivä on hyvä päivä ja huomennakin on hauskaa.

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  • Apple
  • Autumn
  • Cinnamon
  • Sparkling wine

Serving size

About 1.5 dl


About 6-7

Alc. vol.

About 13,2 %

Drink Recipe and Calculator

Total servings needed: (how is this calculated?)

Calculating the amount of servings needed

For the first hour of the event we count with 2 servings per person, and from there on 1 serving per person per hour. Guests who drink a lot might raise the number of servings needed, but other served beverages balances this out by spreading out the consumption.

You need
Sourz Apple0,0463 dl
Cinnamon liqueur0,03072 dl
Apple juice0,0463 dl
Vanilla syrup (ex. Modo)0,0151 dl
Sparkly water or wine0,0151 dl
Lemon juice

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